About Us

Bademli, which is linked to the Ödemiş district of Izmir, is an old settlement built on the northern mountainside of Aydın where four streams build a delta. The humidity that is caused by the climate and regional differences created a forest by itself.

Harnessing nature, our ancestors started to produce fruit scions from seeds and steel in small quantities based on the conditions of the day, but within the process more and more people started to implement the production.

Our cooperative was first established in 1968 subject to the Turkish Commercial Code. In 1969, the Law on Cooperatives No. 1163 entered into force and in 1970, this law was adopted. Our legal basis is the main contract which is applied by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and which can be changed by the General Assembly of the Cooperative.

After 1975, our cooperative attached importance to arboriculture and started to support all kinds of production inputs of the producers in this field. We have turned this arboriculture, which has been a profession over two generations, into a family business by making a great effort on small terrains within these years. Our cooperative helps our partners solve agricultural problems as well as overcome marketing difficulties. At the same time, it forms the agricultural industry in the region.

We endeavor the export of our products. Between 1984 and 1990, we sold 3 million different kinds of fruit trees to Syria and the Middle East countries and we have been developing our relations with Turkish Republics for the last 4 years. In these countries, we provide both the seedling production and meet the needs for fruit scions and ornamental plants from our existing stocks. We also have participated in domestic and international fairs in order to promote and commercialize our products. In addition to this, we have participated in workshops and conferences held in various fields and have hosted the 2nd National Arboriculture Symposium, which was held in 2000. We have made the necessary contribution to the establishment of the Subunit of Seedling Producers, which is one of the 7 subunits to be established in accordance with the Seed Law No. 5553 entered into force in 2006, and TÜRKTOB. In our city the maintenance of the whole population is provided by agriculture. Although fruit nursery is the most common, dairy farming, fruit growing, outdoor ornamental plant production and olive oil production are other agricultural branches realized by the people. Many of our partners run several of these sections together. Whereas the cooperative started its activity by investing in fruit nurseries and olive oil producers, it made all necessary infrastructure investments in other agricultural branches. Several organizations have been founded such as the management of milk and dairy product for dairy farmers, cold storage for fruit nursery producers, tissue culture laboratory, agricultural research laboratory, olive oil factory for olive producers, fruit classification, storage and packaging for fruit producers.

 Best regards

M. Selçuk BİLGİ

Chairman of the Board

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